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Integration opportunities for developers

Many of my addons are designed for integration and extension by myself and by other developers. Maybe one of your addons could be enhanced by providing integration as part of the addon package. There are examples throughout the addon support pages on this site.

I am a firm believer in synergy rather than competition. If another developer already has an addon that provides functionality that would be useful in one of my addons, I look for ways to integrate that functionality directly from the other addon rather than replicating it within my addon. We can then use that integration for special offer bundles and other cross promotion opportunities.

Here is a quick summary of some of the integration opportunities available.

Universal Content Puller

Almost every aspect of Universal Content Puller is expandable through a plugin architecture. Content sources, output wrappers, list formatting and text processors are all pluggable, so all offer opportunities for for other addons to provide integration. See system architecture and the surrounding pages for some background.

To make development easier, a developer plugin is available as a free download from the marketplace as Universal Content Puller Developer.

Uber List

Uber List supports plugins for Item Templates (for example, embedded HTML or a stack) and for Item Wrappers, such as using a content block template to wrap each list item.

The plugin architecture is very similar to Universal Content Puller, so an equivalent plugin for Universal Content Puller can often be re-worked for use with Uber List fairly easily.

Magic Data

For Magic Data, an easy enhancement for existing addons is to process Magic Data tokens and symbols. Just add the helper code at integrating tokens to your addon package and call it from the view templates to process text.

If you are a theme developer, you can take this a step further and Magic Data enable an entire theme, so Magic Data tokens are processed as your theme outputs areas. In addition to the above helper, you will need to include a couple of model classes I have already written for you and call them from your theme's page type files.

You can also use Magic Data further inside a block. For example, within Universal Content Puller I provide an option to use a Magic Data expression to conditionally display the pulled content. You can even embed the Symbol Evaluation Tester within your block or dashboard page just by calling a helper provided by the Magic Data core!

Another opportunity is to provide further specialised Magic Data symbols that integrate with your addon. The symbols that Magic Data processes are extendable using a simple plugin system, so extended symbol sets or addon connected symbol sets are another opportunity to make your existing addons do more.

Blocks By AJAX

Many blocks can easily be enhanced by shipping them with a Blocks by AJAX template. In most cases, it is simply a matter of adapting one of the starter templates already provided by Blocks by AJAX to wrap your existing block template in a few additional lines of code.

Blocks that just beg for being bundled with an AJAX template are some of the traditionally heavy-weight blocks like image galleries, sliders and page lists, where AJAX loading can really make a big difference to the perceived speed from an end user's point of view.

I can help you!

If you have an addon that you would like to integrate with Universal Content Puller, Magic Data, Blocks by Ajax or any of my other addons, drop me a PM through my concrete5 profile to discuss your ideas. If it looks good, we can swap the necessary development licences and I can advise you on integration, help with testing and join with you in bundle deals and cross promotion.

Synergy is the way forward!

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