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I am away from my development system from 9 December 'till the end of the month. I anticipate being online every few days to check support.

Black Magic Data

  • Symbols to make controlled changes to the database. 
  • An API to pass data between concrete5 sites.
  • Permissions to restrict the use of symbols

The standard Magic Data Symbols are safe for anyone to use because they only read data. They don't update a concrete5 site's database.

The symbols in Black Magic Data are the bad boys. If used badly, some of the symbols in Black Magic Data can make controlled changes to the database or do other potentially dangerous things with your site.

Some ideas:

  • Add a user to a "Have Read Terms and Conditions" group when they visit a "Terms and Conditions" page.
  • In a Sorcerer's Map block, save the location to page attributes. Pages with maps can now be indexed from one of the advanced page list addons using their location!
  • Automatically create a fileset unique to each user. Combine with Front End File Uploader so users can upload to their own fileset. Combine with Uber List so users can view their own file set.
  • Create pages and add content from Magic Data expressions.
  • In a Magic Job, create a new output file and add it to a fileset, then email it to yourself when the job has completed.
  • Use the API symbols to show data from one site on another site, or even to update data and files on another site.


Some of the symbols in Black Magic Data make changes to a concrete5 site's database or files. Incorrect use can result in unwanted changes to your database. Please use a test site for development before copying a Magic Data expression using these symbols to a live site. Please read the marketplace documentation and the symbols' built in documentation carefully before use.

Black Magic Data includes dashboard options for sandboxing to disable symbols from making changes to the database.

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