Premium Package Infrastructure

Premium Package Infrastructure is a proprietary set of resources and middleware for my concrete5 addons. The functionality was originally developed through requirements of concrete5.6 addons and has now been re-engineered into a consolidated resource for concrete 5.7+ addons.

Premium Package Infrastructure broadly includes:

  • Dashboard pages to manage global default settings of blocks.
  • Block can have their own settings or track the global settings.
  • Easy override of block specific cache settings.
  • Export and Import block and global settings and copy them between sites.
  • Built-in user documentation.
  • Common edit dialogs for ease of use
  • Common dashboard dialogs for ease of use
  • Common configuration mechanisms for ease of use
  • Plugin Architecture for ease of adaptation and expansion

It is the last of these, Plugin Architecture, that will be of interest to developers, as it enables functionality to be extended simply by placing a new class at the appropriate location in a site. 

The overall mechanism of the Plugin Architecture is generic across many types of plugin component. Details of plugin mechanisms for specific addons can be found throughout the documentation pages on this site. The pages in this Premium Package Infrastructure section deal with the consolidated resources for concrete5.7.


Last updated: over a year ago