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Magic Tabs

This is the version of Magic Tabs for concrete 5.6.x. A separate version of Magic Tabs for concrete5.7+ is available in the 5.7 marketplace.

What could be simpler than just inserting a block where you want to start a new tab? Just insert Magic Tabs between any other blocks and your page will magically split into tabs. 

Magic tabs is so simple, yet offers so much more:

  • Any block or combination of blocks within a tab. 
  • Multiple sets of tabs within a page.
  • Multiple sets of tabs within any area.
  • Different templates for each set of tabs.
  • AJAX load tabbed content using Blocks by AJAX.
  • Untabbed blocks above, below or between sets of tabs.
  • Tab memory - revisit a page and it shows the tab last selected.
  • Tooltips on tabs.
  • Tabs within stacks and global areas.
  • Many different tab templates included.
  • Easily add your own tab templates.

NEW with version 2.0

Magic Tabs are so easy to use, you can get started by simply adding Magic Tabs blocks onto a page where you want to start each tab. If you want to explore more advanced possibilities, see the comprehensive documentation.

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