Global Settings in Magic Tabs v7.1+

From Magic Tabs v7.1 (concrete5.7+), some of the global settings can be edited directly from the Magic Tabs block edit dialog. These settings are global and will affect all Magic Tabs blocks, not just the block being edited!


How accordions behave

This behaviour is only available for accordions and has no affect when tabs are rendered.

Accordion initial state:

  • Open. Accordions are rendered with a section initially open.
  • Closed.  Accordions are rendered with all sections initially closed.

Accordion always open:

  • May be fully closed. A section can close itself, so no tabs are open.
  • Always one section open. A section cannot close itself, so there will always be one section open.

When 'May be fully closed' is selected, an accordion with just one section can be used to implement a simple expander.

Theme Grid

How the theme grid is translated for tabs

These settings govern how theme grid elements are processed when rendering Magic Tabs. You may need to experiment with these settings if tabs (and particularly vertical tabs or accordions) are not laying out cleanly. 

Preserve any theme grid box about individual tab elements:

  • Preserve. Any theme grid elements wrapping tab and tab end blocks are retained.
  • Remove.  Any theme grid elements wrapping tab and tab end blocks are removed.

Classes that will be removed from elements contained within tabs:

A space separated list for one or more classes to remove. The elements will be retained, just classes removed from them. This can be used to clear particularly bossy classes that distort rendering of blocks within tabs. For example, on bootstrap based themes, the class 'container' may need to be removed and is given as a default value for this setting.

Wrap entire tab set in any theme grid box:

  • Do not wrap. No action.
  • Wrap. Theme grid elements are copied and used to place a wrapper about the entire tab set.

The default settings for these three inputs are "Preserve", "container" and "Do not Wrap". The most likely alternative is to set both "Remove" and "Wrap". 

Mobile Devices

Enable/disable transitions on mobile devices

Animated transitions between tabs can be disabled on mobile devices. Sometimes the processing overhead of transitions, particularly more complex effects, can be overwhelming for the small processors on mobile devices.

  • Transitions on mobile. Transitions will be animated on mobile devices.
  • No Transitions on mobile. On mobile devices, transitions will be substituted for a simple show/hide of tabbed content.

Auto Show

Control how magic tabs treats elements hidden by the block design dialog.

When enabled, elements hidden by block design inside a tab set will be shown when the tab set is rendered. This can be used in association with block design to hide a flash of un-styled content and defaults to true.

Last updated: over a year ago