Package Magic Suite

Package Magic is a suite of tools for site owners and developers who use packages. Once Package Magic is installed, you can forget about the inconvenience of using your development system file manager and zip tools, the CLI, and FTP or SSH to generate and deploy packages. Package Magic enables you to do everything from the dashboard.

Package Magic brings convenience and speed to zipping new versions of your packages and deploying them to your websites or the concrete5 marketplace.  If you save 10 or 15 minutes for each package update, those minutes soon add up to hours or even days saved when put into the context of a large web site development project

Package Magic begins with Package Magic Starter, a package uploader that you can use from within the concrete5 dashboard to manually install or update a package. Package Magic Starter provides the usual browser file upload dialog and checks packages for a range of common problems.

For more control over the upload process and how packages are checked, the full version of Package Magic can be installed on-top of Package Magic Starter to extend the capabilities. With the full version of Package Magic, each check made on the zip archive can be individually controlled. You can also specify your own checks using *glob* matching patterns and exclude files from checks, such as a vendor directory.

The range of package sources is extended:

  • File upload (extends the capabilities provided by Package Magic Starter)
  • Copying archives from a file path or URL
  • From the concrete5 file manager
  • From a local structured repository
  • Direct from the concrete5 PRB (for PRB members only)

The full Package Magic can also do the other half of the process, taking a package installed or awaiting installation and bundling it up into an installable package zip archive. Packages can then be 'downloaded' to package destinations:

  • Direct download
  • Save to a file
  • Save to the concrete5 file manager,
  • Save to a local repository directory organised by package and version number. 

You have full control over what does and doesn’t get included in a package archive by simple checkbox and file path-matching rules.

To help you prepare packages, Package Magic provides a suite of Package Build Tools

Package Sources, Destinations and Tools use a fully plugable architecture, allowing for easy extension of Package Magic with your own plugins or customised versions of existing plugins.


Package Magic is licensed under a modified Concrete5 Marketplace License.

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