Package Magic PRB

Using Package Magic PRB requires PRB membership. If you are not a member of the PRB, you are wasting your time trying to install this extension to Package Magic. You have been warned. 

Package Magic PRB adds the PRB review list as a package source to Package Magic. Install Package Magic PRB on your test site and you can quickly select a package from the review list and install it directly. No messing about downloading zip files and unpacking them in your test site. Just select, click to install, and get reviewing.


Package Magic PRB can be installed on top of Package Magic or Package Magic Starter. Once Installed, Package Magic PRB provides a package upload source that integrates with the PRB list on


If installed without the full Package Magic, the PRB source will replace the direct upload source - you will no longer be able to directly upload packages. 

When Package Magic PRB is installed with the full Package Magic, package sources will be selectable between all installed sources including direct upload and PRB submissions.


Free licenses to Package Magic PRB will be granted to any PRB member who requests it. Limited licenses to Package Magic Starter will also be granted free for PRB use only.


Last updated: over a year ago