Package Magic Starter

Take the pain out of manually installing packages

If you have a web site that is not connected to the marketplace, fenced in an intranet, or develop your own packages, Package Magic Starter takes all the hassle out of manually uploading and installing theme and addon packages to a site.

Once Package Magic Starter is installed, you can forget about the inconvenience of using FTP or SSH to upload and unzip packages. Even if you are a command line guru, Package Magic Starter will save you time on every manual package installation or update.

Package Magic Starter provides:

  • A dashboard page to upload package zip arechives. Packages will be uploaded and ready to install through Add Functionality
  • Checks to make sure uploaded packages are valid and, where already installed, provide an update rather than an old version.
  • A framework upon which the full version of Package Magic can be installed.

Special Offers

Click for special offers to purchase the full suite of Package Magic tools, streamline your development process and save a bundle.


Package Magic Starter is licensed under a modified Concrete5 Marketplace License.

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Extending with the full version of Package Magic

The full version of Package Magic extends Package Magic Starter with facilities to generate, check, upload, install and manage package zip files from your site dashboard:

  • Control of package validation checks and detailed validation diagnostics.
  • Examination of package content.
  • Choice of package sources: direct upload, via the concrete5 file manager, from a URL or file path, from local 'repository' directories.
  • Zip up packages and download them.
  • Choice of package destinations: direct download, to the concrete5 file manager, to a URL or file path, to local 'repository' directories.
  • Manage package translations.
  • Force a package update.
  • Edit package versions.

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