Package Magic

Package Magic extends Package Magic Starter to provide a suite of tools to automate package archive generation, validation, management and deployment. 

With a few clicks from the dashbaord you can:

  • zip up packages ready for distribution, 
  • upload and install packages
  • run a suite of package build, validation and management tools.

Once Package Magic is installed, you can forget about the inconvenience of using your development system file manager and zip tools, the CLI, FTP or SSH to generate and deploy packages. 

If you develop concrete5 packages for the marketplace or for customer projects, Package Magic can save you a lot of time. Even if you are a command line guru, Package Magic will still save you time on every project.

Troubled by operating system files, .dot files, Thumbs.db and hidden directories getting zipped up with your packages? Package Magic creates clean zip files without any of the crud. 

You have full control over what does and doesn’t get included in a package archive by simple checkbox and file path-matching rules.

Archives can be:

  • directly downloaded,
  • saved to a file,
  • saved to the concrete5 file manager,
  • saved to a local repository directory organised by package and version number. 

To help you prepare packages for download, Package Magic provides a suite of Package Build Tools including dashboard equivalents to the CLI tools for translation, short tags expansion and SVG icon compilation. You can even use Package Magic to edit the version in the package controller and optionally append a comment noting when and who by.

The Package Magic dashboard provides a lot more than the core CLI tools. With Package Magic you can review detailed reports of what your translation strings are, which strings are translated at, and what those translations are.

The simple package upload provided by Package Magic Starter is enhanced with full control over the validation rules applied. Package Magic also extends the available package sources 

Package Sources, Destinations and Tools use a fully plugable architecture, allowing for easy extension of Package Magic or your customised versions of existing plugins.


Package Magic is licensed under a modified Concrete5 Marketplace License.


Package Magic requires Package Magic Starter to be installed first.

You don't have to use Package Magic!

You don't need Package Magic to create and distribute packages, or to submit packages to the marketplace. Package Magic just makes it a whole lot quicker, easier, more convenient.


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Last updated: 4 months ago